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Pope Francis says ‘there is no place’ for gay priests.

Pope Francis has been quoted as saying; “there is no place” in the clergy for gay people and that the issue of homosexuality “worries” him

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The Next Stage....

The Main database structure of the site is now done and all that is needed now is for the people who run Helplines, Orgainise Groups and put on Prides to add themselved onto gayline. It's quite simple just send gayline an e-mail from the list below (From your group e-mail) asking for an username and password, and it shall be given.

So what you waiting for...


If you are involved with a Helpline or just know of a LGBTQIA+ Group it would be helpful if you could let them know of Gayline.

If you are a LGBTQIA+ Helpline, Group or a Pride organiser and want to include your group on Gayline, then send me an email to


Become part of Gayline:-Send Gayline an e-mail

PRIDE for entry into the Pride section.

GROUPto be included in the groups section or

HELPLINESto be added to the Helpline section

I will then send you an username and password so you can get started on your Gayline entry (It's all Free now and in the future)

VENUESNow finished and it's got a whats-on section included in it. To to be included in the Venues section send me an email (from your venue e-mail if you have one)

The Advertising section is nearly ready....

Last update Saturday, 21st April, 2018


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