Religion: Sexuality

Pope Francis says ‘there is no place’ for gay priests.

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  • (source: Pink News)
  • Pope Francis has been quoted as saying; “there is no place” in the clergy for gay people and that the issue of homosexuality “worries” him

    Homophobic: Equality

    Bakers win Court appea in the :'gay cake' row:

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • The Christian owners of a Northern Ireland bakery have won their appeal in the so-called "gay cake" discrimination case. The UK's highest court ruled

    Political: Equality

    NI same-sex marriage bill passes first stage in Lords

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • A bill calling for same-sex marriage to be legalised in Northern Ireland has passed its first parliamentary stage in the House of Lords.

    Political: Homophobic

    2017 was the year we saw a upsurge in global homophobia

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  • (source: Pink News)
  • While 2017 has been a breakthrough year for gay people in in some countries, it's also been a year of brutal crackdown across the world

    Political: Social Control

    Indonesian police arrest 12 transgender women

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  • (source: Pink News)
  • Police have arrested 12 transgender people (women) in Indonesia, shaved their heads and paraded them in front of the public.

    Political: Homophobic

    Indonesia classifies homosexuality as a "mental disorder"

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  • (source: Pink News)
  • Indonesia has classified homosexuality as a “mental disorder”, as a bill to criminalise gay sex is introduced in the country’s parliament.

    Social: political

    Australians 61.6% decisively support same-sex marriage

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  • (source: BBC News)
    15/November 2017
  • Australians have overwhelmingly voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage in a historic poll. With 61.6% of people in favour

    Homophobia: Stupid

    Kenay Official blame lion homosexuality on gay tourists

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  • (source: LGBTQ Nation)
    5th November 2017
  • Now an official in Kenya is blaming gay tourists for the male-lion-on-male-lion action and calling for the lions to be isolated.


    Political: Transgender

    If you were born a man you shouldn’t be put in women’s p

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  • (source: Pink News)
    6thNovember 2017
  • Campaigners say "trans women should be forced to undergo gender reassignment surgery or be banned from women’s prisons".

    Social: Attitudes

    25% of the world’s population thinks being gay a crime

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  • (source: LGBTQNation)
    November 1, 2017
  • Worldwide study found a quarter of the world’s population believes homosexual behaviour should be considered a criminal offense.

    Social: decriminalisation

    Decriminalisation of homosexuality: History of gay rights

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • 50 years since it stopped being illegal for two men to be in a relationship in England and Wales. It's now seen as a big moment for gay rights.

    Political: Transgender

    Transgender troops hit hard by Trump Tweet.

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • Sergeant Kennedy Ochoa was preparing for a ceremony to mark his promotion when he heard the news.


    Social: Death

    Manchester attack: Martyn Hett's funeral takes place.

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • Martyn Hett was one of 22 people who died when Salman Abedi detonated a homemade bomb at an Ariana Grande concert.

    Health: HIV

    PrEP to be made available to NHS England patients.

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  • (source: GayTimes)
    28th June 2017
  • The UK government announces plans to start prescribing (in weeks.) HIV-prevention drugs to NHS patients in England,

    Law: Homophobic

    Shariah court sentence gay lovers to public caning

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  • (source: LGBT NATION)
  • Police escorts two men accused of having gay sex into a holding cell to wait for the start of their trial at in Indonesia.

    Political: Persecution

    Chechen gay men.

    'flee for their lives'

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  • (source: BBC World)
  • LGBT People are fleeing the Russian republic of Chechnya, following persecution, torture and killing of LGBT people.

    Anti-Gay: Persecution

    Chechen authorities launch terrifying anti-gay purge

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  • (source: Will Stroude )
  • The mass detention of gay men is currently taking place in the region, according to reports.


    Social: Death

    Rainbow flag creator dies aged 65

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  • (source: BBC NEWS)
  • Gilbert Baker, an artist based in San Francisco who created the rainbow flag as a symbol for the gay community, has died aged 65.