Social: Attitudes

25% of the world’s population thinks being gay a crime

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  • (source: LGBTQNation)
    November 1, 2017
  • Worldwide study found a quarter of the world’s population believes homosexual behaviour should be considered a criminal offense.

    Social: decriminalisation

    Decriminalisation of homosexuality: History of gay rights

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • 50 years since it stopped being illegal for two men to be in a relationship in England and Wales. It's now seen as a big moment for gay rights.

    Political: Transgender

    Transgender troops hit hard by Trump Tweet.

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • Sergeant Kennedy Ochoa was preparing for a ceremony to mark his promotion when he heard the news.


    Law: Homophobic

    Shariah court sentence gay lovers to public caning

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  • (source: LGBT NATION)
  • Police escorts two men accused of having gay sex into a holding cell to wait for the start of their trial at in Indonesia.

    Social: Death

    Rainbow flag creator dies.
    . aged 65

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  • (source: BBC NEWS)
  • Gilbert Baker, an artist based in San Francisco who created the rainbow flag as a symbol for the gay community, has died aged 65.

    Entertainment: Death

    Bronski Beat Larry Steinbachek dies at age of 56

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • Steinbachek,Somerville and Steve Bronski had chart success with songs including Smalltown Boy and Why?

    Social: Law

    Turing's Law set to receive Royal Assent within weeks

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  • (source: Gaystarnews)
  • Gay men convicted under UK's historic anti-gay laws weeks away from being pardoned

    Political: Stupid

    Anti Gay Tory MP elected to equalities committee

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  • (source: Pink News)
  • Mr Davies is a strong opponent of LGBT rights, voting against the Equality Act (Sexual Orientation)

    Criminal: Web

    How to deal with webcam blackmail, or sextortio

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  • (source: BBC News)
  • "Sextortion" is a form of blackmail where victims are persuaded to take part in sexual acts in front of a webcam.

    Social: Sex Workers

    Former sex worker who set up a retirement home

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  • (source: BBC World)
  • After years of working the streets of Mexico City, Carmen Munoz wondered what happened to sex workers when they got old

    Fashion: Ethics

    Untangling where your hair extensions really come from

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  • (source: BBC News)
    1 November 2016
  • Wigs, weaves and hair extensions, the market for human hair is enormous. and the journey, maybe unethical.

    Technology: AI

    AI predicts outcome of human rights cases

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  • (source: BBC News)
    24th October 2016
  • An artificial intelligence system has correctly predicted the outcomes of hundreds of cases heard at the European Court.

    Social: Law

    'Turing Bill' for gay pardons fails in Parliament

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  • (source: BBC News)
    21 October 2016
  • A bill that would have wiped clean the criminal records of thousands of gay men has fallen at its first parliamentary hurdle.

    Political: USA

    Trump will roll back Obama’s LGBT rights protections

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  • (source: Pink News)
    7th October 2016
  • Donald Trump would roll back Barack Obama’s orders on LGBT rights, his running mate Mike Pence has confirmed.

    Health: Genetics

    Gene editing technique could transform future

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  • (source: BBC News)
    6 June 2016
  • CRISPR - get to know this acronym. It's good to know the name of something that could change your future.

    Health: HIV

    Why talk of a cure for HIV is a bit premature

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  • (source: BBC News)
    3 October 2016
  • Beware of headlines which suggest scientists are "on the brink of the HIV cure", or "A HIV cure close".